We love making all kinds of videos at One Hundred Seconds, and though we specialize in short “100 second” documentary style projects we can work in any length or format to meet the needs or our clients. From long-form promotional content to training videos and beyond, this page features a variety of videos that step outside of the 100 second mold.

As part of our work with Umpqua Bank in 2015 and their Made to Grow campaign, we created two videos featuring Cook With What You Have creator Katherine Deumling.  Umpqua was eager to promote their company culture and highlight their support for small and emerging businesses by showcasing members of their banking community. These videos show one of their clients demonstrating healthy recipes that feature delicious local ingredients in fun and simple ways. See both videos here.

As a part of the A Blade of Grass/Fieldworks video series about socially engaged art, this piece follows artists Mel Chin and his project Operation Paydirt which aims to start a dialog about the risks of lead poisoning.

Avanti Destinations approached us with an idea for a video that would not only captured what they do as a travel company, but also who they are and what they value. We created this 12 minute piece that explains the different pillars of their business and philosophy. We edited each chapter of the long piece so that it could also be viewed as a stand alone video, maximizing Avanti’s ability to share their story on a variety of platforms. See the individual modules here.

Cosgrave Vergeer Kessler, LLP was looking for video portraits to include on their website that introduce their lawyers. This series of approachable and personal videos discuss the area of specialization for each attorney, as well as their personal interests and history.

In a three video series for Zynga.org, we explored how games can make the world a better place. 

One Hundred Seconds collaborates with Portland based fitness company barre3 on a variety of content, from online workouts to social media teasers and event videos. Check out the workout below, and see other examples of our work with this growing exercise and lifestyle brand here.

This real estate video for Yascha Noonberg captures the personality of the property being showcased and introduces the real estate agent in a friendly and dynamic way.

A short promotional video for composer Michael Charles Smith, who was seeking to drum up support for his all-marimba arrangement of “The Nutcracker Suite”.

The first video made by our founder, Zach, back in 2010. Zach was inspired to tell the story of the American Academy in Rome as a participant in their cooking and sustainable agriculture program. He returned to capture their story and started One Hundred Seconds shortly after to help other businesses and individuals share their passion with a broader audience.